Founder's Letter

EVITRADE Health Systems is the culmination of our passion and love for doing the best for those near and dear to us, as well as for everyone whom we can positively influence in providing Excellence in Health. We offer products and services helpful in managing common health issues. Our focus is on providing an interactive health system to improve health outcomes.

Coming from an eastern culture and growing up in the west; I have been very fortunate to have worked with many small, medium and large companies in various sectors and have seen businesses with varying degrees of success in achieving their objectives. By applying that experience with partners, we have begun building a very different sort of healthcare business, a virtual online service model. One that leverages the internet, into what we see as being part of a global health enterprise network. With most of healthcare being self-care, we are positioning ourselves to play a fundamental role in building it out. The Digital Health Revolution has begun. With this modern form of “telemedicine” we can now empower self-care and improve its relations with professional providers. We enable “practicing patients” to use the 3 Ts (Test, Track, and Treat) model of healthcare regardless of local availability of professional resources.

We are focusing on meeting the demand for self-management of cardio-metabolic conditions (CMCs) and related health risks, such as blood pressure, blood glucose, heart rhythm, body weight/Body Mass Index (BMI) and skin conditions (such as acne). One of the main problems for people struggling with weight issues is: what works best? There are many solutions available, but none are offered according to one’s particular needs. We want to help people answer that question by providing the required expertise: automatically, online, and informed by the user’s real-time, real-life physiologic data.

Finding effective solutions to resolve intractable healthcare issues is what we are most passionate about. We take pleasure in solving difficult problems and appreciate being helpful in reducing uncertainty and anxiety in people’s lives. To that end, we are leveraging the power of modern science and technology to simplify the management of long-term health risks and to deal with health concerns.

Thank you for taking the time to research about us and what we do. Nothing would please us more than being helpful to you in any aspect of your or your family’s healthcare needs.

Sydney Au
Chairman & Founder
EVITRADE Health Systems Corp.