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Personalized Health Care Services

We provide automated online services for solving common health problems.
Our aim is to be first to offer a complete quality assured integrated "CBD Health Monitoring System" to improve your health conditions.


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Online Self-Healthcare Services

EVITRADE Health Systems Corp. is a consumer technology company engaged in the provision of biomedical online services for monitoring and treating common health problems. Our online system is aimed primarily at "practicing patients" interested in normalizing blood pressure, blood glucose, and body weight.

Our device enables physiologically interactive health apps useful in testing, tracking, and treating common health conditions.

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The company aim is for an extensive platform for physiologically interactive computing supporting therapeutic-diagnostic (theranostic) devices, expert systems, and recommender applications for personal health management. Session schedules, measurement procedures, and conditioning protocols are prescribed automatically by the system from extemporaneous data acquired from the user.

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Accessible & Automated

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